The Falcon

& The Dove

Elizabeth Bridges

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The Falcon & The Dove

The Falcon and the Dove tells the story of Tom Holt, born the son of a gardener. A chance encounter on his tenth birthday changes the course of his life. Against the backdrop of the ever-changing world of the twentieth century, the passionate and caring Tom fills his true potential. Along the way, he finds love and loss, and experiences both triumph and tragedy.

Over the course of his life, we see his coming-of-age, doomed romance, and strength in the face of adversity, all masterfully combined into a single fascinating story that also follows his growing family and loving friends.

It is demonstrated that good deeds are their own rewards, and that a noble spirit and caring soul can stand proud in the face of any calamity or misfortune.

This beautifully written and heart-warming tale shows us a man who embodies the qualities of the falcon and the dove; strength and gentleness.